“No I Can’t Just Stop Smoking Weed!”

(Funny how this is my first blog post, but hey. In light of the most recent news of another athlete failing a drug test, I went on a twitter rant & this blog post was created.)

We like to look at the way others cope in/with life and judge them, when in fact we have no room or right to do so.

Everytime an athlete gets in trouble over weed, the first thing people say is “why cant he/she just stop smoking weed?”

so now my question to said people is “when has any habit (good or bad) ever been easy to break?” especially when the person has the resources and access to get exactly what they want/need.

Weed is weed but people smoke it for many different reasons, whether they are dependent on it or its just recreational. I have my own ideas & theories on why they should just legalize it, but thats for another blog post. Think of it this way, for someone who has been smoking weed for years, its a part of their life. its in their everyday routine and/or budget. NO they cant ‘just stop smoking weed’, just like you cant ‘just stop having sex’. and just like you cant stop drinking, gossiping, minding other peoples business, spending money you don’t have, over eating, cheating… i can continue, but i’ll stop there.

Lets look at it this way. if cigarettes were “illegal” and frowned upon (which they are and are WAY worse than weed *sighs*), we could apply this same concept. In 2016, people go to all different lengths to stop smoking cigarettes. They buy gum, take pills, wear patches, smoke fake cigarettes, & the list is endless. Some, after all of that time, effort and money put into breaking their habit, still relapse and end up smoking cigarettes again.

Same w/ weed. This is why some people end up in rehab. Since weed is an “illegal substance” people get sent to rehab just like they would if they were on real drugs like meth, or cocaine. Just like any other addiction/habit, they have to learn how to live their life w/out something that they have been dependent on for months/years. They have to change their ways of thinking, they have to find new/different ways to cope with stress, etc etc etc. Basically altering the reality that has been their only reality and NONE of these things are easy to do or can be done overnight.

So in my opinion, to ask a question like “why cant he or she just stop smoking weed?” is like asking “why cant i stop eating?” “why cant i stop drinking?” “why cant i stop having sex?” & when you find the answers to these questions, then we can have a real conversations & start focusing on things that matter, like legalizing the shit.

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