So I finally did it…

I started a blog!!

now you guys, I am NOT a writer.

therefore please don’t read my posts as if I’m tryimg to be one because that is not my intent… ☹️
as educated as I claim to be I’m not gonna pretend w/ the long words & phrases that nobody can understand/decipher. & I don’t want to bore or confuse you guys with anything I say.
I created this blog for the main purpose of being able to expand on my thoughts. many times I scroll through my Twitter/Facebook feed & I want to rant/expand on a lot of topics/ideas, but w/ the 140 character limitation on Twitter & everyone on Facebook is at least a day behind, who has time?!
so I’ve been writing my thoughts down in my phone for the past few weeks & i thought to myself, why the heck don’t I just start a blog & share them with y’all?🤔

so this is me, letting you guys inside my mind. I hope you guys comment/share & even if we agree to disagree I still love y’all.😚❤️

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