lucky #13

…although I love every one of them, it’s always my most simple tattoos that mean the world to me. ie the open/unfinished triangle (a complete triangle represents the delta sign for ‘change’) on my right ankle, or the cross on my left wrist, but this new tattoo just might be my new fav.

ok so has anyone else ever had to literally remind themselves to breathe? like actually stop & remind yourself to take a breath? I know it may sound a bit crazy, but I know I’m not the only one who has or still experiences this. 

well, before I got into yoga & even before I started smoking weed, whenever I didn’t know how to handle whatever emotion I was feeling at the moment I would always end up having to remind myself to breathe. getting this tattoo was so important to me because lately, breathing has become so easy. & even tho I don’t have to remind myself to breathe anymore, the action itself means so much to me that I had to get it tatted on my skin.

  • I decided to get the word breathe twice because you can’t breathe IN w/out breathing OUT. *shouts*…in yoga I’ve been learning about the power & strength in our breath, how to breathe into/in order to strengthen my poses & how to apply the breathing from my practice directly into my life. 
  • I got it in two different fonts because the way I interpret the importance of a breath is different to how someone else who sees my tatt may interpret it. 
  • I placed it on my left arm because like most of my tattoos, I associate everything on the left side of my body to my heart.

I just wanted to share this with you guys & remind y’all to never ever stop breathing, even when it seems impossible. ❤️ 


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