is sex just really…sex? 

are you addicted to sex?yes or no? maybe? 

I just think it’s funny how the most assumably minuscule things can & have such a powerful effect on us. it seems like everybody has a sex problem these days. or at least everyone on Twitter 🌚. If someone’s not tweeting about wanting sex, theyre tweeting about having it, or when they plan to have it next & with who. having sex these days is as common as eating lunch on your lunch break, or taking a shower when you come from the gym.

interesting enough, although we all (most of us) have sex, we often don’t realize that our constant want or “need” for sex might be more serious than we think. hear me out. sexual desire is defined as a “motivational state/interest in sexual objects or activities, OR a wish, need, or drive to seek out sexual objects or engage in sexual activities.” So basically, the feeling of wanting to have sex is prominent & it’s something you are aware of. The minute you stop having sex for pure enjoyment & it becomes a compulsive behavior that seems to be controlling and/or affecting your life in a negative way, then you have a problem. The increase of sexual desire turns into sexual dependency & if not monitored or handled correctly, it CAN turn into addiction. 

sexual desire -> dependency -> addiction. 

“but I don’t have a problem, I just like sex”
K boo.

How many times have to skipped or been late to an engagement (class, work, school program, church) because of sex? OR how many times a week, & w/ how many different partners, do you have sex? How many times have you sent that “after hours” text that you know you shouldn’t send, because you merely wanted to “get your nut”. Starting to make sense? Cool.

just like things such as weed, alcohol, cigarettes, people can become dependent on sex. FYI, sex dependency & sex addiction are two different things.  completely. sex dependency doesn’t mean you’re addicted, it just means you really, really, really like sex. being addicted to sex would mean you would basically do anything to have it again, even w/ negative consequences (cheating on your partner, spending money you don’t have, watching porn at work all day). Sadly, many of us might be dealing w/ some sexual issues & we don’t even realize it. I just think it’s time we take a step back & reevaluate our lives (look at what we’re doing & why).  

& if you’re reading this & you can’t relate, keep it pushing & share it w/ someone who might.😘

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