9 months later…

I’ve never had a family member that close to me die & I been wanting this tattoo since my brother Dale passed back in January. Here we are 9 months later & I finally got it! 

Yes I know, she’s huge. but hear me out. 

I got a lion head because while I was home for Dales funeral I found out that both my brothers & a few other cousins all have lion tattoos.  I put it on my left arm because like with most of my tattoos, I have them on the same side as my heart. not only is the lion a symbol of family, the people I love but don’t always get to see/talk to, but it kinda symbolizes my strength as well. 

There are two types of flowers that take over the lions mane. the first is a ‘Gladiolus’ which is the birth month flower for August & the ‘Aster’ which is the birth month flower for September. (my mother was born in August & I was born in September). Also, the Gladiolus symbolizes ‘honor’ & ‘remembrance’, as well as ‘strength of character’ & ‘never giving up’. Aster, also considered to be an enchanted flower symbolizes patience. 

I know my brother Dale can’t see or appreciate my tattoo, but every time I see my piece i’ll remember him & the people I love forever. 💕 (sn: I WANT TO BE THE ONE WHO SHOWS THIS TO MY MOTHER PLEASE & THANKS) ☺️

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