5 things I learned on my trip to D.C..

never in a million years did I think I would learn anything on this trip to DC that my friend & I took for New Years. I just expected to hop in the car, spend money & turn up. Lol. Luckily I left DC with more than just dirty clothes. 

1)  Plan for any & everything 
always, always, always have a plan. even if you don’t plan or need to execute/use it, have it anyways. nothing is worse than not having a plan when you need one. preparation for anything can be annoying, but sometimes it’s very important.

2) I gotta get the fuck outta HSV! being born & raised on a small island, Huntsville was enough culture shock for me when I first got here. But 6 years later & i am ready to move on. There is soooooooo much out here to see/experience/do & as comfortable as HSV is, I wanna see what the world has to offer. 

3) there is nothing wrong with meeting new people. the introvert in me is always wants to shut down. I see people & I immediately want to turn around. but I’m learning that there is nothing wrong with meeting new people. It’s a new year, Introduce yourself to a stranger, start a conversation first, be yourself & don’t hold back. the only thing that people can do is not like you & let me tell you there are way more worst things.  

4)  be mindful of your surroundings. I’ve always understood the “show me who your friends are” concept, but never fully began to grasp it till the ending of 2016. surrounding yourself with like minded people is okay, but surrounding yourself with like minded people who are self motivated & successful is even better. It’s something about seeing people prosper that helps you begin to unlock your full potential. motivation comes in so many forms & the people you surround yourself with can either help you or hold you back.

5) be open! stop being afraid to try new things. you’ll never know what you like or what you’re into by turning down opportunities to try new things. It’s so easy to say you know won’t like doing something, but how would you know if you never even tried? don’t limit yourself. 

2017 is all about #CLARITY & this trip was a GREAT start to my year.

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