Okay, so I have questions…

…& I just needed to rant really quickly. I just think it’s funny that the same 53% of white women who voted for Donald Trump to be put in office, were some of the saaaaaaaame white women out in the streets at these #WomensMarch’s, protesting. Did you guys know that more white women voted for Trump, than they did Hillary Clinton. no I’m serious. you guys don’t believe me? okay, Google it.

so now I have a few questions:

  • why did you guys vote for President Elect Tangerine in the first place? 
  • when did you guys collectively decide you didn’t want Tangerine face as president, before or after the inauguration? 
  • are you the same folks who didn’t know the difference between ObamaCare & ACA? 

because as much as I am overjoyed & proud of the turn out of women today in support of the protest against Donald Trump, WHY DID YALL VOTE FOR HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE? 

Over half a million people showed up to the #WomensMarch in Washington DC. that’s double the number of people who attended President Elect Tangerine’s inauguration. with all of this being public knowledge, forgive me if I’m confused over this entire ordeal. forgive me for not comprehending how or why Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. & forgive me for not understanding why the HELL yall voted for him to begin with because this is the most counterproductive set of circumstances that I have ever witnessed. so when you guys get some answers let me know, but until then, bye babies! 💕

One thought on “Okay, so I have questions…

Add yours

  1. Giiiiirrrrllll….you ain’t lyin. These are all my questions. I was highly skeptical. I’m all for protests and excited to participate but I side-eyed this entire lil event. Cuz how the fuck?! Last week’s episode of Blackish talked about the election. The white girl said, “we aren’t sisters. We all hate each other. I don’t trust Hilary…” CLEARLY YALL HATE EACH OTHER. So why am I bending my back to stand in solidarity with you?! Tuh, indeed! All them caucasians were extra excited to be there. Maybe I’m not meant to understand them. When I get to heaven the first thing I’m asking God is, “ok but why ypipo though?”


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