my 21 day fast….fail?

okay so before I jump in, I think its important that i explain fasting because I don’t want to assume that everyone already knows what it is. Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from something for a period of time. So while some people fast from food, others would fast from electronics, alcohol, etc etc etc.
so being the over zealous person that I am, I decided to kickstart my year by doing a fast. & not just any old fast, this one would be for an entire 21 days. yes I know,
“why would you do something crazy like that Chalcia?” but wait, thats not even the best part. Wait till you guess what I decided to fast from. LOL. Its safe to say I lasted all of 4.5 days sober and that was the end of the fast, or so I thought…


The first lesson came on day 4 and it was:

breaking your fast doesn’t mean you failed

nor does it mean you need to start over. breaking your fast means you just need to regroup & try harder as you continue on your journey. 21 days is a long time to go without something that is already embedded into your lifestyle. shoot, 7 days might be a long time for some people as well. the more you focus on completely stripping away the thing you’re fasting from, the less you focus on why you’re actually fasting.
Well after relapsing on day 4.5, I decided that maybe trying to fast from my chosen vice wasn’t my smartest idea. I realized that I needed to adjust my thinking/mindset, which brings me to the 2nd thing I learned:

everything in moderation

moderation means restraint or the avoidance of extremes or excesses. now if we we’re talking about going on a diet, many would say that this would be a terrible idea, but in regards to fasting, everything in moderation might be exactly how I would be able to through this fast. cutting anything out of your diet that you’re used to consuming large quantities of is tough (don’t @ me), going cold turkey can seem very scary, impossible even and withdrawal is no joke.

Last but not least,

We are not perfect

we’re supposed to mess up. it’s in our DNA. you’re not perfect, im not perfect & that’s okay. God honestly looks at the heart & our intentions. why do we do the things we do? What is our motivation? do we really understand just how much God loves us and wants to help us? The only way that can happen is if we accept our faults and issues, bring them to him and let him work.
I started this fast thinking I could stop with no problem, on my own, and God put me on my ass 4.5 days in. He had to show me that I cant do anything successfully without Him. He’s also allowed me to slow down on my consumption drastically and i just don’t need it as much as I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t quit, but God used this (what I initially thought was a fail) experience to make me more dependent on Him. & I guess that was the point.
Until next time babies!💕

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