…and then there was SpeakLife!

I casually mentioned to God that I wanted to start my own non-profit organization one day and God being God, dropped what has to be the most perfect opportunity right into my lap. Some of you guys may have read a previous blog post explaining the problems i was having at the university I attend. After finding out my major wasn’t my major a semester before I was set to graduate, i was feeling all types of ways. Anywho, after being pulled from my last internship site with only 11 hours left to complete, this semester I was placed at Harris Home for Children. My professor sent me an email letting me know where my site was & who my supervisor would be & I immediately reached out to schedule an appointment to come in for an interview.


A few days later I met my new internship supervisor Ms. Dominique Dillard. Ms. Dominique (as I like to call her) is not only the licensed counselor at Harris Home for Children, she is also the founder of her very own non-profit organization called SpeakLife: IAMGREATNESS Inc. & if that wasn’t enough, she’s also Christian, single & celibate. Talk about goaaalllsssss. While speaking, she told me about her past, the good, bad & ugly, she told me about the period in her life where she felt lost & had no idea what God wanted her to do. The feeling of being lost is what caused her to seek God even more & in return he gave her the answers she had been looking for & started opening doors she hadn’t even began to imagine.

SpeakLife: IAMGREATNESS Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on encouraging individuals to be the best they can be by promoting positive and purposeful living according to God’s plan & love. SpeakLife offers free counseling services, summer programs & many other services with the intent to both foster & empower those throughout the Tennessee Valley. Their goal is to be able to offer their services for little or no cost because they understand that not everyone can afford these types of services. SpeakLife is expanding & they just began the process of raising money in order to purchase their own facility so that are able to offer all of their services under the same roof.

I mentioned to God that I wanted to start my own non-profit organization one day & God being God, dropped the most perfect opportunity right into my lap.

Not only am working at Harris Home for Children to complete my internship hours, Ive also been privileged enough to be working closely with Ms. Dominique & SpeakLife Inc. Ive been learning the ins & outs of running a non-profit & all the work that has to be put into it. Things like getting sponsors, organizing/planning events, raising money, running social media accounts & even writing receipts. God didn’t just allow me to be placed at any old internship site, he picked this one out specifically for me & I am forever grateful. Until next time babies…💕

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