Three Things I’ve Learned About God in my 20’s.

In life, things don’t always go how we want or expect them to go. Life is full of trials and tribulations, ups and downs. There are times where we do everything under the sun to complete something successfully & still come up empty handed. Im learning that sometimes we just need to sit back & let God do His thing, on His own time. This concept seems simple enough right? Lol not really, but the thought is definitely nice!

I don’t know about yall but my 20’s have been beating. my. ass. & I’m only 24. One thing God has constantly been trying to instill in me is that as much & as hard as I try, I CANNOT do any of this alone. Not only can I not do this alone, but I’ve realized that I don’t have to & Im to the point where I don’t want to anymore. I’ve always had the “everything is good”, “don’t worry about me” type of attitude & it slowly trickled its way over & into my spiritual life. Things would happen and I would immediately start to stress and worry. My anxiety would consume me & before I looked to God for help, I would just convince myself that I could handle it, whatever it was, all on my own. Only when things seemed impossible would I begin to frantically look to God for help. Sure I would pray, but my prayers were generic & I’m sure they got no further than the ceiling. Sure I believed that there was a God, I knew he exists & I heard all the bible stories, but I realized that I didn’t really believe in HIM. & as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized these 3 things:

  • we can’t (shouldn’t) pick & choose what problems we take to the almighty.

God wants us to tell him everything. Yes he already knows, but how can we ever develop a relationship with Him if our only communication comes after something bad happens and we need his help. To me that seems very one sided. He wants us to be able to come to him  with the good, the bad, the ugly & the bedazzled. Honestly, when has a teacher ever given you a higher grade just because you thought about it? Im just saying, closed mouths don’t get fed.

  • Nothing we do is bad enough for God to not give a damn.

God cares about you more than every friend you’ve ever confided in put together, add whipped cream & a cherry on top. He wants to be the shoulder we lean on. He wants to be the one we cry out to when we need help. He wants us to come to Him when were happy so he can share in our joy. Solomon had enough hoes to last him a lifetime & then some, but God still granted Him with the wisdom that he asked for.

  • We can’t (shouldn’t) wait till we’re at our whits end to cry out to God for help.

Many of us do this & aren’t conscious to the fact that this is very one sided & inefficient. To me, its the equivalent of driving around in your car for months with the engine light on & only taking it to the mechanic after the car stops in the middle of the road. Why did it take your car shutting down on you for you to finally take it to the mechanic?  Why did you wait until it was (almost) to late? Now your scrambling trying to find money for a rental or rides from your friends and family. Not very efficient is it? Well that’s exactly how some of us treat God. We only remember him when we need our rent paid so we don’t get evicted or when a family member who’s been smoking for 20 years is in the hospital & might have lung cancer. 

We treat God like an easy button, something we (push) run to when things get to difficult for us to handle. Instead we should treat him like our best friend, someone we run to when were happy cause we just got paid, when were sad because the dress in the store we wanted doesn’t come in our size, when need help with time management, & when we get into the car everyday to drive from point A to point B. Stop leaving him out on the little things. Take everything to Him & watch Him work! Until next time babies…💕

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