How to move past a let down.

I know I haven’t written anything in a whiiillleeeee, but i’ve been sitting on this post because I had so many mixed emotions/personal feelings on the topic. Have you guys ever looked up to someone? Looked up to as in “wow this person is amazing, i love what they do, & i wanna be just like them!”. Only for them to completely let you down? Or have you ever interacted w/ someone who you thought you had a great relationship with, but one day they just flipped & turned into an entirely different person? Kinda reminds me of this meme.😭 Well if you’re answer is yes, then me too! & I feel like we’ve all experienced this at one point in our lives or at least something similar.  

Now that were all on the same page, whats the next step? How did you handle that situation? Actually, how does anyone handle that type of situation? Is there a right or wrong way to react? What kind of response is the best one in this type of situation? If its one thing life has been teaching me is how to deal with disappointments and these are just a few things that you can keep in mind while dealing with these instances. 

  • honestly, were all human.

People make mistakes allllllllllll the time. Newsflash: nobody in this world is perfect, absolutely nobody! We all have our different attitudes and traits that make up our personality. No two people are the same and just because the person you looked up to let you down, doesn’t mean you have to (nor should you) hold it against them for the rest of their lives. People get caught up in the moment and mess up everyday, the best thing we can do for them is show them that we understand and try to work through it.

  • always look for a lesson.

There is always a lesson to be learned, in everything we do. In every situation that we encounter, there will always be something (positive) that we can take away from it.  Too often we allow disappointing situations to control our emotions and instead of looking for the lesson in a tough situation, we become emotional and harbor anger/hold grudges against people that could potentially help us or that could teach us a thing or two. Always look for a lesson. Whether you end up in a car accident that wasnt your fault, max out your credit card helping someone else to pay their bills, or whatever the issue may be. Use every situation as an opportunity to learn something..

  • forgive, but you dont have to forget.

One of my favorite sayings is as follows…“act accordingly“. I am a firm believer in reciprocation and while I believe in “doing unto others what they do unto you”, I also believe in being the bigger person. For many, its so easy to be petty, but being mature takes a bit of effort. There has never been an instance in my life where I have regretted taking the high road or being the bigger person. Being the bigger person in difficult/uncomfortable situations is actually something that I take pride in. If someone you looked up to did something to disappoint or upset you, forgive them. Forgiveness is a process & nobody expects this to happen over night, nor do we expect the broken relationship to heal itself, but forgiving someone you care about takes alot less energy than being angry. Never forget the situation, but do what you can to prevent or avoid it from happening again, forgive and move on. Your conscience will thank you for it.

Nobody is perfect and unfortunately that means we all experience a let down once or twice in our lives. The way we handle these let downs not only shows who we are as a person, but it also shows our ability to handle tough situations. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t let one disappointment dictate the rest of your life. Learn from it and move on. Until next time babies…💕

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