Confessions of an Ungrateful Ass Graduate

I was sooo sad about graduation, having to find a job and all the other negative emotions that came with it, I never stopped to think about how blessed i was at the time. Shit, how blessed I am right now! 

I allowed doubt & anger to consume me to the point where I have truly been ungrateful these past few weeks. 

the reality of being a graduate (again) had set in & I allowed myself to be engulfed and consumed in my depression, never taking the time to thank God for blessing me the way he has. & we all know he doesn’t/didn’t have to.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve graduated & I’ve spent the last 3 weeks traveling. In & out of the country. Most graduates I know went straight to work or they had to move back home right away, leaving little or even no time for any post graduation enjoyment. Just imagine, not being able to take a few days off so they could travel & I’ve been traveling for almost a month! Phew. I’d been working so hard & going through so much just to graduate, I never really stopped to enjoy my time off from everything till recently. 

God has just been blessing me with the with the opportunity to visit new places, meet new people & experience new things. 

And when I sit & think about it, it’s honestly mind blowing! What more could a girl ask for? I’ve been paddle boarding in Mexico, visited the Mayan Ruins in Belize, ate coconut jelly in Grand Cayman, got sun burned on the beach in Honduras, smoked on a cruise in the middle of the ocean, got drunk on a rooftop in DC, had lunch with my parents in Miami & ate the best Mac & cheese while in Cleveland (I’ll post a few pics at the end!). All of this in the last 3 weeks. All of it. Although I spent a lot of time depressed and in my feelings, looking back I can honestly say that I am blessed beyond measure and I’ve been working on not being ungrateful ever since. 

Until next time babies…💕

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