Realistic Optimist

At first, I was bitter af. Because, if you hear it from me, nothing good happened in 2017. But in reality, I kinda sound as ungrateful as that guy who got married & said his summer was a D+. Despite all the foolishness that this year had to offer, 2017 was not a total bust. I met goals, took chances, grew up, learned ALOT of lessons & even fell in love. ME, Chalcia…Lol.

One of the most important things 2017 taught me was how to deal with disappointment. I learned that I can’t shut down & that I have to keep going. I learned that internalizing things is an ineffective way to deal with disappointment. I learned how to recognize it, pray about it & move on. Like the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade & add some tequila“.

2017 taught me how to adjust. “When you change the way you look at thing, the things you look at change.” I learned that (my) plans aren’t permanent & that they almost always change. I learned how to step back & let things happen. I learned how to pray, wait & move when God says to move. I also learned that I have to include God in my planning as well.

2017 taught me how to take chances on myself. I truly learned the meaning of “walk by faith & not by sight”. I learned how to make sacrifices in order to chase my dreams. I learned how to go the extra mile. I learned how to step outside my bubble, because ‘great things never come from inside a comfort zone’.

Last but not least, 2017 taught me how to love. It taught me how to trust someone. It taught me how to be in a relationship with someone & not lose myself. I learned how to compromise without compromising myself. I learned how to think of someone, other than myself. I learned how to let someone love me be in their own way. “Don’t find love, let love find you. that’s why it’s called “falling in love” because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just….fall.

2017 was filled with multiple deaths, devastating hurricanes, financial hardship, pain, struggle & tears. 2017 was also filled with lots of traveling, new opportunities, celebrations, milestones, happiness, health & love. I believe that 2017 was just the tip of the iceberg & that God has many things in store for me this year, so here’s to an amazing, lesson filled, successful ass 2018! Until next time babies💕

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  1. It was refreshing to read your take on how, at first glance, a year filled with so many unfortunate circumstances ended up being packed with life lessons and personal growth. Great article. Much success in 2018 ma’am.

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