Fresh Fade

I hadn’t worn my real hair out in weeks & I was sick of going between wigs & turbans. On Thursday night, my bf helped me take out a crochet style I had just put in earlier that week. Friday, I took a scissors to my hair & started cutting. & before you assume, no I wasn’t depressed & no I did not just go through a “bad breakup”, I just got tired of my hair & it needed to go!

(Here’s a little backstory) I put in a relaxer back in September for my birthday. Believe it or not, that was the very first time I had ever relaxed my hair. Growing up I knew tons of girls/women with relaxers, but I liked being natural. When I relaxed it in September I just wanted to see what it would look & feel like to have permanently straight hair. You know like, if it would burn my scalp, how my hair would take, if it would break off. Listen, I was very curious.

(Fast forward) It’s like 3 months later (today is Jan. 14th) & let’s just say that relaxed hair is NOT for me. It requires more maintenance (& before you say duh, just stfu) than I can handle, it messed up my scalp & my hair started breaking off. Now I’ve always had a full head of hair & even tho I’m no stranger to the clippers/scissors, breaking was something I’ve rarely experienced. I was completely OVER IT.

So today I went to the barber & cut it all off. All the relaxer & most of my new growth, I chopped it all off. This was like a big breath of fresh air. I needed that haircut. I needed to start over. I needed a fresh start. It’s something about sitting in a barbers chair, watching your hair roll down the cutting cape & then on to the floor. gone. I cut my hair off in faith (& intent to do the work needed) that it would grow back, healthier & better. I’m completely stepping out of my comfort zone in hopes that I can nurture my hair back to health.

All of this got me thinking & I started comparing me cutting my hair off, to every day situations that we (humans) go through. How many times have we had to cut off friends (& even family) who weren’t healthy for us & holding us back, in faith that God would then surround us with exactly who we needed in or lives? How many times have we had to leave a job or a situation that was not working out, in faith that God would place us exactly where he wanted us to be? Starting over is scary & starting something new can be even scarier, but that’s where our faith comes in. When we have faith we can accomplish great things & have life changing opportunities. We just have to take that first leap of faith & then trust & believe that God is going to do what he said he would do. Easier said than done I know, but boy oh boy, once it’s done, the outcome is amazing.

This was just my little revelation of the day that I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. Share an instance where you stepped out in faith. Until next time babies! 💕

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  1. I recently did the same thing…I’ve never had a perm but last May I got a press that completely ruined my hair. I tried all sorts of restoring conditioners and treatments but nothing brought my curls back. One Friday I just cut it all off…I definitely understand the feeling you described. Why hold on to something that’s not healthy? I was legit scared tho cause my head is big and I’ve always been able to hide behind my hair…but thankfully hair grows back…and we have wigs

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