Okay dolls, this post is gonna be short & sweet. I am sooooooo excited that I am finally able to launch this project that I’ve been sitting on for months. I have been toying with this idea for so long, trying to figure out if it was something I could pull off. I was asking myself all kinds of questions like, “how can I make this enjoyable?“, “is this even a good idea?” and “what if it doesnt work?“. Call me crazy but I talk to myself like all day, every day. Full conversations & so!

Anywho, after tormenting myself to pieces & changing my mind a million times, I finally decided to jump in head first & embark on this journey.  And with it being Black History month & all, I felt like the month of February would be perfect.

#SheInspiresMe is basically a series of entries here on my blog dedicated to showcasing these amazing black women (some I interact withday to day & some Istalk from afar) that totally inspire me. They are the real go getters, I’m just trying to keep up! These are some of the most resilient women that I know & just like so many others they are strong, accomplished, innovative, creative and very, very talented. Some are mothers, businessowners & degreeholders, some have blogs, websites, & even vlogs. Im so excited to be able to put these women on the pedestal that I have created for them & I hope (& pray) that you guys enjoy meeting (reading about) them & that they inspire you as well. 

That’s all I have for now dolls, the first entry will be up on Monday the 12th. Until next time babies!💕

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