Whenever I hear the name “Krysten Copeland”, I automatically think of words like ‘Powerhouse‘, ‘Driven‘, & just straight up ‘girl BOSS‘. Krysten is a 28 yr old, black woman who lives in the heart of Washington, DC. She moved to DC in order to build a career in Public Relations after graduating from Oakwood University (an HBCU located in Huntsville, Alabama). Krysten currently runs her own business, KC & Co Communications, a boutique agency that provides digital marketing & public relations support to brands within the tech, lifestyle & real estate arena. Her team has led & supported strategic digital marketing efforts for clients which include Ryan Homes, HGTV (talent-side), National Harbor, GE Appliances, & many other reputable brands. When shes not working, Krysten is either traveling, getting lost in her favorite coffee shop/bookstore (Kramers in Dupont Circle), drinking lots of wine at one of DC’s several wine bars or people watching w/ her dog, Minnie.

But believe it or not, Krysten wasn’t always her own boss.

“I was completely miserable with my life. I was in a mediocre job, with a mediocre salary, living in a mediocre apartment and in a mediocre relationship. So I decided to make a change!”

And change is exactly what Krysten did. Over the course of six months, she changed her hair, got out of the relationship that she was in, moved from MD to DC and did a lot of travelling. On a trip to Dubai, she recalls asking the Universe to give her the strength to do whatever was necessary in order to be happy. When she arrived back in DC, she gave her boss her two weeks notice & began shifting her life in a new direction. After declining over half a dozen job offers, Krysten came to the realization that she did not want to work for anyone and started KC & Co.

When I asked her how she describes herself, Krysten used the word ‘tenacious‘ (persistent, determined).

“There are probably people that are smarter than me, but I outhustle them. I literally don’t know how to give up”.

I’ve often heard that “successful people are the ones who don’t give up”, & it’s a concept I myself have recently began to adapt. To become successful you have to be able to accept your failures and move past them. “I used to really focus on my setbacks and get on myself”, said Krysten, “When I first started out, whenever something would go wrong, I would take it really really personally. But then, I realized that whenever I let go of whatever was not for me, something came in its place that was 10x’s better. Once I discovered that, it was really hard for me to put too much energy towards my failures. And trust me, I fail at something every single day”.

But failure is just re-adjusting your sails to better match the wind on your journey.

So by now we can probably agree that Krysten has a great understanding of failure and not only how to deal with, but how to movepast it as well. Truth be told, failure is something she is still fearful of. “I don’t doubt my abilities as a leader”, she says, “but owning my own business is such an incredibly emotional, heart-wrenching, joy inducing experience that the thought of something happening to it really just makes me shudder. My business is my baby.” Pretty oxymoronic, I know. But just imagine owning your own business, (those of you who don’t of course). You put your hard earned money, your precious time and all of your energy into ensuring that you are good at what you do. Trust me, nobody would ever want their business to fail.

I’m always curious as to where people get their motivation from. That little voice in your head that says “keep going” or “you can do this” in tough situations. The very thing or being that you believe in. So naturally this was something that I asked Krysten and her response was rather enlightening. “I actually realized the power in manifestation late last year.”

“Because I got into the practice of thanking the Universe daily for what I already have and inviting what I need, it’s gotten to the point where I ask and I receive within 24-48 hours. It’s like I have an Amazon Prime account with the Universe.”

I chuckled at this, not because I thought it was funny, but because sometimes I feel like I have this same kind of relationship with God. “For example”, she continues, “while I was practicing gratitude, I mentioned (pretty casually) that I wanted for us to get involved in political communications. Totally forgot about it. The next day, I went to my favorite thinking bar (Fig & Olive) for a cocktail and met a guy who’s running the campaigns of several Democratic candidates. Also, he was in the market for a communications agency for those candidates. I was like, “…We’ve never done this before, you know.” And he’s like, “I don’t care, you’re smart, you’re capable and I like your work.” Now, it looks like this is something we’ll be working on through this election cycle. Little things like that.” WOW, talk about ask & receive.

Ever since I’ve met Krysten, her whit and her passion are a few of the characteristics that has helped her standout to me. She is all about her business, to the point where one may assume that she is completely fearless. But she believes (like so many other successful people I know & read about) that if her dreams don’t scare her, she’s not doing something right. Those are definitely words to live by. And honestly if you don’t get anything else from Krysten’s story, just remember to take CHANCES, dream BIG, stay POSITIVE & work HARD! This is all I have for you guys today, thank you so much for reading. Until next time babies!💕

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