Faith Like Mine .2

Earlier this week I was having a discussion with young lady (also Adventist) about working on the Sabbath. She was explaining to me how she wish she didn’t have to, but her bills don’t allow her to take an off day. When asked how I felt about the topic my answer was simple, “there is no amount of money large enough to make me willingly work on the Sabbath”. She looked at me crazy, but that didn’t phase me at all. “Two (2) years ago”, I continued, “I might have skipped church just to make money, but I’m so far into my walk with God, I just can’t bring myself to do it”. I can clearly recall the moments when I would hear, “remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy”, playing over and over in my head. “Why are you working on the Sabbath, Chalcia?”, I would constantly ask myself.  And of course, I came up with excuses like, “you need the money”, “you need to pay this bill”, “you’ll lose this client”, excuse after excuse.

Until, one day, it hit me. I was doing this all wrong. I was living life trying to depend on myself, caught up in my own world of mess, not even trying to observe the Sabbath or communicating with God about anything. If God wanted me to work on the Sabbath, then why did He say in the Bible to keep it holy. I began thinking to myself, “what kind of message am I sending, to not only to God, but other believers/non-believers who see me working on the Sabbath?” Where was my faith that God would give me the opportunities to make the same money, get new clients, and pay all my bills WITHOUT me having to work on the Sabbath? Where was my faith that I didn’t need to break the Commandments to survive? Where was my faith, period?

I decided to start actively praying about it. I told God, “I’m not working on the Sabbath anymore, you’re just gonna have to handle this”, and that was it. Since that day, for every hair appointment (on the Sabbath) I’ve turned down, I’ve gotten one back. For every paid opportunity that I was offered and declined, another one arose. God was showing up and out, and I was sold. Now, instead of working on the Sabbath for money, I volunteer my time instead. That may not sound practical, doing things for free, but the experiences that I have and the blessings I receive are always worth it. I said all this to say, take that Sabbath off, Remember His day, observe it, honor it, and love it. God will not leave you hanging. That’s what he’s there for. Trust in him, and He will bless you immensely. Let me know how you guys feel about this topic. Leave a comment or just like this post. Until next time babies.💕

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