A Faith Like Mine .3

What’s the one thing you’d love to do (spiritual life related) that just can’t seem to commit to? I know for me, finding time to pray, study Gods word, do devotion and sabbath school lessons, or attend prayer meetings, etc. was just all too much. I would do one & forget to do the other. Or the entire day would go by & I would forget to do them all. One day, out of frustration, I decided that something needed to be done about my struggling spiritual life.

First, I chose what I wanted to work on the most; at the time it was prayer. Then, I narrowed down the things that were preventing me from having a healthy prayer life – my never ending struggle with time & focus. Before, I would set a time to pray (usually as soon as I woke up), but I’d get distracted halfway through my prayer, & well, that was the end of that. Sometimes I would completely ignore my prayer alarm.

One day, I was at Walmart & found some journals on sale for like $2. Now, I am not even the journaling type, but I randomly bought two. That night, I started writing in one & what I wrote ended up looking a lot like a prayer. I’ve, since, dubbed it my prayer journal. I write all my prayers down – formal, informal, long, short, happy, unhappy, curse words, everything. I leave nothing out, whatever I have on my heart or mind. I write it all down in my journal, which is in the bathroom btw, as soon as I wake up/before I go to bed, and while I’m sitting on the toilet. As crazy as it sounds, it has honestly been one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made.

So what’s your struggle? Is it reading the Bible? Praying? Devotion? How can you fix or improve it? Whatever it is, start small, be diligent & God will create an avenue for you to become closer to Him! Trust me, he’s on your side! ❤️

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