No Take Backs!

As millennials, we kinda all have the same problem with social media – we’re always on it! We wake up & fall asleep on our phones, our iPads, and our computers. Once they turn on/off & holds a charge, we’re on it. In this day & age, we’re constantly finding ways to stay connected to our friends, families, clients, classmates, etc. & social media has a very special, convenient way of bringing people together. Whether we’re liking a picture of someone’s engagement pics or commenting under someone’s status, social media plays a big part in our everyday lives.

However, amidst all the comments, likes, & reposts, how often do we, me included, take the time to think about what we post before we post it? How often do we just type out exactly what we’re thinking, word for word, & hit send? Do we ever stop to consider what could happen because of what we said?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype, or the energy of being able to say whatever you want, safely behind a personal profile.

But are we still safe once we post that comment, picture, status, or tweet? How many times have you scrolled down your news feed and thought “Why would this person even post this?” or “That was too much information”.

I will always remember the very wise words of my mother; “Watch what you post on the people & them Facebook!” When I was younger I would brush her off the minute she started saying anything because, “This is my Facebook & I do what I want.” As I got older, though, I realized that she had been right all along (as usual).

You can’t just say any & everything you want on social media; it just doesn’t work that way.

I have seen people lose friends, potential jobs, endorsements & even clients, all because of social media. There are tons of employers looking at your personal accounts, as well as, tons of people who are willing to bring up the things you say on social media to sabotage your endeavors. These kinds of unfortunate consequences can follow you for years.

“People will always remember the bad you did before they remember the good.”

You can do 50 good things, but the minute you mess up, people forget…all they can remember is the one “bad” thing you did. I’ve seen it happen to others, & it’s even happened to me. It’s easy to think “I can always go back & delete this”, but screenshots last longer than apologies do. Just as quick as you posted something, please believe & understand that someone took a screenshot of whatever it was…THAT QUICK. One bad decision or public disagreement can follow around you for years.

As technology continues to expand & upgrade, let us all remember to watch what we say. “Be quick to listen & slow to anger.” The next time you’re on social media & you end up in a tough situation, before you pop off at the mouth & end up saying something you can’t take back, take some time to think about what you’re gonna say & the possible outcomes/reactions that can come from it. The next time you go to post a picture you have no business posting, just think about what could happen as a result. I promise, it’ll save you so much – time, energy, friends, a job, overall opportunities. Stay inspired dolls, until next time.

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