Detox For Your Box?

Pussy Popping for the New Year (literally)!

DISCLAIMER: No matter how vulgar this post might come off, I PROMISE, that’s not my intention. I’m just having fun.

Now that we got that out of the way, when is the last time you did a detox? No, not a water detox; a vaginal detox. Never? Well, me neither….up until last week. I’m not even sure how I ended up following this account – (@GoddessDetox) – on Instagram, but I did…back in mid 2018. After months of stalking their IG page, I finally decided to stop being a pussy (🌚) & ordered one of the items on their website so I could’ve tried it for myself.

Who Are They?

GoddessDetox is a company “dedicated to providing women with self-love inspired products to physically, spiritually & emotionally detox so that they can tap into their inner goddess.

So of course, being on my self-love journey, I was interested. I had never heard of a vaginal detox up until this point; so, I immediately started researching their products. LUCKILY, the way their website is set up, they make the process SUPER easy. All the information I could’ve possibly wanted was already on their website. After a quick scan of their products (and my bank account), I settled on ordering the “Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls”.


Yes….detox pearls. According to the company, the pearls are a “holistic, all natural vaginal insert made with herbal ingredients to aid in womb health & vaginal cleansing”. The ingredients are absorbed into the body vaginally & work to aid in the overall health & cleansing of the womb/vaginal area. As you can see, the herbs are literally formed into a pearl sized ball.

How Does It…..Work?

Well, if you’ve ever used a tampon, then, it’s basically the same thing. Kind of. The package comes with two pearls and two applicators.

The pearl is attached to a long string that you’re supposed to let hang out of the vagina once inserted; much like a tampon.

You insert the string into the tampon-looking tube applicator so it sits like so.

Insert the pearl & leave it in for 24 hours. Once 24 hours have passed, you take it out and insert the second pearl, then leave that one for 48 hours.

What Happens Next?

After those three days have passed & you have taken out the second pearl, its time to wait for the “purge” to happen. Now the purging process can include the discharge of a number of things, from dead vaginal skin cells, mucus, yeast, and even old blood clots. OLD BLOOD CLOTS!!

Luckily, for me, I had a rather pleasant experience during my detox and there were no old blood clots in sight…lol. I did experience slight cramping after I inserted the first pearl, but that only lasted a few hours; then, it was gone. On the website, they recommend getting two packages if it’s your first time detoxing. Of course, I only got one, but I do recommend getting two. I would have loved to follow up my first detox with a second. I feel like I still have some more purging to do, & I also, just, like the idea of getting to use a vaginal product that is completely natural.

Post cleanse, my pussy does feel fleeky, aka, I recommend trying a vaginal detox at least once in your life. Your vagina will thank you & so will your partner.

Interested in trying one out for yourself ? Or, maybe you’re just curious & wanna visit the website? I’ll leave their information down below. Let me know if you have already tried it, or if you plan to. I love getting feedback from you guys. Until next time babies!💕

GoddessDetox Info


IG: @GoddessDetox

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  1. Okay good. Someone has tried it that I know and had good results. I’ve been stalking them too bahhhhtttt was concerned about the pearl insertion and the “natural” effects. *takes notes*

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