B is definitely for Balance

By the time you read this, I would have already made it back to Huntsville, but just so y’all know, I started writing this in the car on the drive back to Huntsville from New Orleans. This past weekend I had the GREAT pleasure of traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show with the amazing ladies of Stamped Hair Solutions. Now I’m not gonna lie, when we first started talking about this New Orleans trip, I was NER-VOUS!

At the time, it was only 4 of us working in the shop and being the newbie, I was just trying to fit in where I could get in, while still trying to remain true to self. You know, trying to find the balance. Nonetheless, I was still super excited for a few reasons, 1) I had never been to New Orleans, 2) I had never been to a Bronner Brothers hair show and 3) this would be my first time traveling with bossed up, like-minded women. HYPE!

As time went on, my boss hired 3 more stylists and of COURSE they had to come with us. It wouldn’t be a salon trip without all the hair stylists in attendance. The week before the trip arrived, there were 9 of us total and we were READY!

As I mentioned, this was my very first trip with this many women and I still had some doubts but decided not to obsess over them and prayed over everyone that was going instead. I prayed for specific things like traveling mercies, health, strength and of course, balance. I prayed the same prayer a few times, then let it go.

As usual, God showed up and out. He allowed us to have great weather going and coming, He kept the roads clear of any accidents and gave everyone a spirit of calmness. So when Sunday rolled around and my coworker Noelle told the group she wanted to get a tattoo done while she was in New Orleans, I was ALL FOR IT! Why wouldn’t I want to get a new tattoo, from a new artist, in a new city! She hit up her tattoo artist, got the address and the next thing you know we were anxiously waiting on our Lyft driver to arrive.

Once there it took me maybe 10 minutes to decide on what I wanted to get done. I did a quick Google search, put my thoughts together and patiently waited for my turn to come. Thirty minutes later I had this beauty. 😍

Looking at it I’m sure your first thought is ”….what is it?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Obviously, it’s a lesser than and a greater than sign, one sitting directly on top of the other. But when I look at it, I automatically see balance. I see the balance between objects. The balance between shapes. One object carrying the weight of the other. Connected in theory, but still independent of one another.

As a fellow Libra πŸ’ͺ🏽and a life long student of the mental health field, I don’t think I can help my obsession with balance and/or stability (you don’t have to believe in Zodiac signs, that’s cool too lol). I am always constantly praying and thanking God for balance. The balance between my work life and my spiritual life. The balance between my home life and my social life. Balance to always help me remain grounded, sane and able to maneuver my way through life. Phew, that was a mouthful.

Nevertheless, I said ALL of this to say, being in New Orleans with my coworkers all having fun together, was a beautiful experience. It felt as though the balance that I had prayed for before the trip, had manifested before my eyes and I am forever grateful. When I look at this tattoo not only does it bring back the memory of this awesome New Orleans trip, but it also symbolizes balance/stability and serves as a constant reminder of them both.

Okay y’all, I’m done rambling. That’s all I have for you guys. Until next time babies!πŸ’•

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