Nostalgic Thoughts

I’m almost certain this blog post is directly linked to the fact that my cycle is probably about to start, but here we are.

I remember back in December of last year, two months into my new job at the salon, I was feeling kinda lonely (friend wise). I had just graduated from cosmetology school late October and had parted ways with the closest friend I had had in Huntsville the month before. I had just spent the last year with the same women, every day at school and now everything was just different. I would be lying and straight up ungrateful if I said I didn’t have any friends because I did, but with everyone kinda doing their own thing, I was definitely in my feelings.

Being the new person in the shop, I couldn’t help but observe all the amazing relationships my boss had with not only her clients but with her friends as well. They ALL love her and she loves them. It’s so beautiful to watch. I also found myself becoming jealous of my more mature clients (30+) who would sometimes be on FaceTime during their appointments, planning out their weekend’s with their friends and their kids.

Everywhere I turned God was exposing me to healthy, prospering relationships/friendships and I was inspired!

I remember sitting and wondering why I was struggling so much in the friend’s department. How did these women get so lucky? And where the heck did they find each other? Was this something I should explore? Should I pray about this?

Doing the one thing I always do when tons of questions fill my mind, I hopped on Twitter. I needed to find out how crazy I sounded “praying for a friend“, which I quickly learned wasn’t that crazy at all! Before that point, I had never thought about praying for a friend(s). I’m not sure but the thought never really crossed my mind. Which is crazy because I pray for and about everything, but I had never talked to the big man about who I should hang with. Thankfully, my Twitter friends gave me some great insight!

That night I remember praying to God like “Lord, I just want to be surrounded by like-minded, talented, genuine women. Women with goals and aspirations. Women with purpose, & distinct personalities who were all searching and working towards the same thing being the betterment of self.I prayed for women who I could be open and honest with, about anything. I also prayed for receptiveness.

I needed God to help me to be ready to receive whatever and whoever he had for me.

As the month of May comes to an end and June begins, I can confidently say I’ve found my tribe. I’ve never felt so comfortable not only working with but chilling with a group of women before. We get along so well, but we can also be serious when needed. We know how to pick up each other’s slack and when to share words of encouragement. I’m surrounded by amazing women not only at work but outside of work as well.

God has blessed me with a great support system and I am forever grateful.

I pray that my relationships continue to bloom and that I am able to meet/click with more amazing women in the future. If youre ever feeling like it’s silly to pray for friends like I did, don’t. Nothing’s “too silly” when it comes to God and what He can do. I’m done being a sap for now lol. As usual, later babies!💕

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