Ja’Nece the Benevolent.

Twenty-five-year-old Ja’Nece Dickerson is the definition of a POWERHOUSE! Hailing from Fontana, California, Ja’Nece holds both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Social Work and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. On top of being a full-time student, Ja’Nece also works full-time as a social worker at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. And if that wasn’t already a mouthful, Ja’Nece also has her very own non-profit organization called ”Simpli Service” (make sure you follow them on Instagram).

I know what you’re thinking, ”How does someone with so much on their plate find the time to successfully run a nonprofit?” Trust me, I had the same question because although I’ve known Ja’Nece from undergrad, once we graduated and went our separate ways, her nonprofit is what drew me to reconnect with her. I myself have plans of running a nonprofit one day, so you can see how much of an inspiration Ja’Nece is to me. So how did it all start?

”Simpli Service came about because of my love for serving my community.”

Sounds simple enough right?

While working in child bereavement after graduating with her bachelor’s degree, she was working towards her master’s in social work. ”I had very little time to do anything else,” she says, ”but I had such a desire to dive into my community to serve. Eventually, I began small projects that lead to the start of Simpli Service.” Ja’Nece’s non-profit is just one of the many ways she plans to inspire people to serve their communities and help change lives.

While working on her Master’s degree, Ja’Nece expressed that she truly felt like God was pushing her into Simpli Service. And although her organization didn’t end up starting until 2 years later, during those years she still felt the need to serve. ”I knew I had the heart for it” she states,

”but on multiple occasions, God had to remind me through other people and my studies that it was something I needed to pursue past ’just wanting to do it’”.

Through it all, Ja’Nece believes that God has been intentionally putting her in certain situations or conversations that force her to elaborate and think deeply about what it is she wants to do. Although the process seems scary, Ja’Nece credits God for always reminding her that she is fully capable of accomplishing whatever it is He has for her to do. A STRONG testimony in itself. 

As far as inspiration goes, Ja’Nece gives most of the credit to her mother. ”I believe my mother is the person that has inspired me to pursue my current goals” she explains. ”Growing up, I watched her work tirelessly to provide for our family just to still fall short. I hated the feeling of not having basic necessities like lights in the house or food in the refrigerator, knowing there were so many resources in the world. Watching her struggle has pushed me to help anyone as much as I can. I don’t like to see people lack and I especially hate to see teenagers struggle. This is my motivation to continue pushing through my nonprofit and my future goals.”

With all this success, one could assume that Ja’Nece has everything figured out and fearless, but that would be false. ”I always tell people that I’m the scariest person on the face of the earth.” says Ja’Nece, ”I am afraid of EVERYTHING and I’m not exaggerating. I also have anxiety, which heightens my fears. Anything you can think of, public speaking, approaching people I don’t know, heights, creatures, failing… everything.”

Afraid of everything? I know y’all are wondering, ’so how does she even maneuver through life?’, cause I was too. ”Well depending on the situation, my fears can be either a hindrance or motivation. I often will not allow myself opportunities because of my fears, which pushes my growth and my goals back. However, in situations when I am able to face my fears, it motivates me to keep facing that particular fear until it’s something I’m confident in. For example, public speaking. I promise I have mini anxiety attacks before I have to speak. Whether it’s to a group of volunteers helping me serve or to a church. I freak out. BUT I always go on that stage and fake it until I make it!”

You never know what you’re capable of until you try it out, whether you know how to do it or not!

”Last year, at my organization’s fundraising banquet, before I had to give my speech, I let everyone know I was nervous”, she continued. ”I literally told them, ’so if my voice is shaking, it’s because I’m freaking out right now, but don’t worry, I’ll make it through this’. Even with that, sometimes I face my fears and sometimes I don’t. I guess that’s the human in me. But when I do, it’s always motivation that there’s something greater than my fear on the other side.”


When asked why she stands out, Ja’Nece replied ever so humbly, ”To be honest, I don’t know why I stand out. I do, however, know that I hold myself up to a certain standard and I don’t often allow myself to derail from it. I’m also very firm in what I believe, which I feel helps to constantly establish and sustain who I am.”

Maybe it’s her extensive background in social work that allows Ja’Nece to be able to be so in tune with herself, she is not only able to push past her fears but hold herself up to certain standards as well. Or maybe Ja’Nece is just blessed with the spirit of benevolence, having the ability to put herself aside and treat others with kindness, compassion, and goodwill at any given moment. So much so she created Simpli Service. Whatever the reason, God is definitely using Ja’Nece in all aspects and I tip my hat to her.

Nothing but love and respect for this queen. I hope she inspires you like she inspires me! Until next time babies.💕


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