Jannet the Artist.

Jannet aka Janny (@planetjannet on IG) is from the beautiful United States Virgin Islands🇻🇮. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but Janny was BORN to be an artist. “I have always been drawing from a young age. I hated school, but I had a passion for art” she tells me, “so everything I know now, was self-taught through trial and error or learning tips and tricks from some of my favorite artists.”

Let me tell yall, the very first time I saw one of Jannet’s art pieces floating around on social media I was floored. I said to myself “ WOW this girl is so talented, I cannot believe she did this!” I think it was this one to be exact.

If talent isn’t enough for you, Jannet may also be one of the most humble individuals I have ever come across. As talented as she obviously is, she never gives herself enough credit (and I mean never). In her own words, Janny describes herself as “an artist, or a person who draws and paints.

JUST A PERSON WHO DRAWS AND PAINTS?!! Like……look at this piece she created.

“Sometimes I even put my artwork on shirts and phone cases to” she added. As small putting artwork on a shirt may seem to some, those are some pretty big moves for a girl with equally big dreams.

“Now this might sound lame, but I enjoy seeing and experiencing people having genuine reactions to my art. That really fuels me to not give up” she tells me, “I want to do more than just draw…I want to change lives, which I don’t really think there is much you can do through art to change lives, but maybe I’ll find a way.”

PAUSE. Before we continue, I would just like to take this moment to point out that art changes lives every…single…day! There are so many ways in which I’ve personally seen how impactful art (in any of its many forms) can be on some people. Between Janny’s amazing talent and her admirable humbleness, I have no doubt that she will be able to come up with her own unique way of creating and producing life-changing art. And if you ask me, she’s already off to an amazing start.

Just like any other artist, creative or entrepreneur (etc), we gain a lot of insight and motivation from watching other artists, creatives and entrepreneurs (etc). This entire series for example…being able to highlight women (creatives, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, chef’s, etc) who inspire me, on my platform, is a form of motivation for me.

“Seeing artists who I’ve been following from when they first started to blow up is very motivational,” says Janny, “ and maybe my time will come, maybe it won’t, but if someone can feel something positive from my art then that’s great too.”  Did I mention that she was humble?

“There were many times I just wanted to give up on art” she expresses, “this time last year especially was difficult for me and almost every time I decide to give up, I would always get a message like, ‘hey, I know you don’t know me but keep doing your thing’ or ‘hey, would you like to be apart of my blog?’ Stuff like that reminds me that this (art) is what I should be doing.”

Janny credits herself as her inspiration for becoming an artist. “I don’t think anyone particular inspired me to do art,” she explained “I’ve just always had a passion for it and wanted to be great at it. Growing up there wasn’t really anything else that I was really good at, so I chose art and made it be ‘it’. Now I just want to be the best!” Self-motivation at its finest. Through hard work and perseverance, Janny was able to turn her passion for art as a youth into something amazing.

When I asked Janny why she thinks she stands out, she gave the most chill response ever. “I’m not sure why I stick out, I just do my own thing” she responded, “I don’t know how to be anything but myself. I spend a lot of time alone with my ideas. I have a vision and I want to bring it to life. I just want to create things and make myself proud.” A sentiment that I think anyone of us could relate to. Being able to bring our ideas to life, being able to create something that we can be proud of. To me, these things matter more than all the fame or money the world has to offer.

With all this amazing talent, I was curious to find out how Janny deals with her fears if any. “Right now I’m dealing with a heap of self-doubt and self-sabotage,” she tells me,

“I’m not where I would like to be in that aspect of my life, but I’m learning to just love the journey and trust the process.”

Believe in your journey and trust in the process, that’s all there really is to it (of course you better add Jesus all up in that equation). We are all on this earth for a purpose and the only way to fulfill this purpose is to embrace your journey and to trust the process.

“Of course I have a fear of failure,” she continues, “but I’m slowly getting over that. Life is too short to not take risks!” PHEW.

‘Life is too short not to take risks.’

I remember someone telling me a few years back (don’t remember who, just what they said lol) that the only way to know if something was going to work would be to try it out. It took me too long to process their words, but once I realized what they were telling me and was ready to apply it to my own life, I never looked back.

“My fears have been a bit of motivation and a hindrance at the same time.” Janny explains, “The fear kinda holds me back sometimes, but it also motivates me because I know that I’m doing something that is out of my comfort zone and I am trying to break those habits of being comfortable.” Growth is definitely uncomfortable. If the things we wanted in life came easy (like growth), we wouldn’t have anything to learn or appreciate.

I’m so grateful that I was able to interview this amazing Virgin Islands talent. I’m always in support of my people, ESPECIALLY the women, we are a force not to be played with. I hope you guys got to learn a few cool things about this beauty, as well as gain some inspiration from her story. And as always, see you next time babies!💕

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