About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Chalcia Nicholas. & you guys kinda already know who I am, but this is my official bio. Born & raised on the island of St. Thomas, in the USVirgin Islands 25 years of age Graduated from both Oakwood (Psychology, BS) & Alabama A&M (Counseling Psychology, MA) University Student at Paul... Continue Reading →

No Take Backs!

As millennials, we kinda all have the same problem with social media - we're always on it! We wake up & fall asleep on our phones, our iPads, and our computers. Once they turn on/off & holds a charge, we’re on it. In this day & age, we’re constantly finding ways to stay connected to... Continue Reading →

A Faith Like Mine .3

What's the one thing you'd love to do (spiritual life related) that just can't seem to commit to? I know for me, finding time to pray, study Gods word, do devotion and sabbath school lessons, or attend prayer meetings, etc. was just all too much. I would do one & forget to do the other.... Continue Reading →

Faith Like Mine .2

Earlier this week I was having a discussion with young lady (also Adventist) about working on the Sabbath. She was explaining to me how she wish she didn't have to, but her bills don't allow her to take an off day. When asked how I felt about the topic my answer was simple, "there is... Continue Reading →

Faith Like Mine .1

I know I’ve been missing in action, but I’ve been working on some content for you guys; so please be patient with me. This specific topic has been lingering in my spirit for a while, so I decided to share with y’all. I grew up believing that God only blessed people who followed all the... Continue Reading →


This particular beauty I've known for basically my entire life. She's a few years older than me, but we grew up in the same church and she's always been someone I looked up to (even though she doesn't know this). Michelle Moreland aka “Francheska”, is a 32 year old product of the US Virgin Islands.... Continue Reading →


This weeks feature, is kind of a big deal. She was in the middle of her midterms when I asked her to do this. Luckily, she saw my vision and happily agreed to participate. Aniska Tonge is a 26 year old, US Virgin Islander, (born in Houston, Texas) currently living in Atlanta GA. Aniska has... Continue Reading →


Whenever I hear the name "Krysten Copeland", I automatically think of words like 'Powerhouse', 'Driven', & just straight up 'girl BOSS'. Krysten is a 28 yr old, black woman who lives in the heart of Washington, DC. She moved to DC in order to build a career in Public Relations after graduating from Oakwood University... Continue Reading →


Born & raised on the island of beautiful island of St.Croix, USVI, Cleo Ravariere is a proud Virgin Islander. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, she is an Operations Support Specialist at Homeland Security-U.S.Citizenship & Immigration. She holds three degrees thus far; a B.A. in Communication, a M.S. in Communication Management, & an MBA in Project... Continue Reading →

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