Ja’Nece the Benevolent.

Twenty-five-year-old Ja’Nece Dickerson is the definition of a POWERHOUSE! Hailing from Fontana, California, Ja’Nece holds both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Social Work and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. On top of being a full-time student, Ja’Nece also works full-time as a social worker at the Loma Linda University Children's... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Thoughts

I'm almost certain this blog post is directly linked to the fact that my cycle is probably about to start, but here we are. I remember back in December of last year, two months into my new job at the salon, I was feeling kinda lonely (friend wise). I had just graduated from cosmetology school... Continue Reading →

B is definitely for Balance

By the time you read this, I would have already made it back to Huntsville, but just so y'all know, I started writing this in the car on the drive back to Huntsville from New Orleans. This past weekend I had the GREAT pleasure of traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the Bronner Brothers... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Conversations

So this morning while on facetime with David, my boyfriend, we ended up taking a very nostalgic trip down memory lane. Now usually, this kind of trip happens all the time. We spend a lot of time reflecting on where we've come from, where we currently are, and how we got to where we are... Continue Reading →

Love Gives

First off, let me start by wishing all my readers & subscribers, a very merry & beautiful, HAPPY belated Valentines Day! There are 365 days in a year, but only one of those days is completely dedicated to love. Did you guys know that the very first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496? No?... Continue Reading →

Detox For Your Box?

Pussy Popping for the New Year (literally)! DISCLAIMER: No matter how vulgar this post might come off, I PROMISE, that’s not my intention. I'm just having fun. Now that we got that out of the way, when is the last time you did a detox? No, not a water detox; a vaginal detox. Never? Well,... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Vision?

I don’t know about anyone else, but 2018 was a GREAT year. Apart from taking some pretty amazing trips, I turned in the first part to my counseling license application, I completed cosmetology school & landed a job in one of Huntsville’s up and coming, black owned hair salons and I even organized my first... Continue Reading →

About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Chalcia Nicholas. & you guys kinda already know who I am, but this is my official bio. Born & raised on the island of St. Thomas, in the USVirgin Islands 25 years of age Graduated from both Oakwood (Psychology, BS) & Alabama A&M (Counseling Psychology, MA) University Student at Paul... Continue Reading →

No Take Backs!

As millennials, we kinda all have the same problem with social media - we're always on it! We wake up & fall asleep on our phones, our iPads, and our computers. Once they turn on/off & holds a charge, we’re on it. In this day & age, we’re constantly finding ways to stay connected to... Continue Reading →

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