This weeks feature, is kind of a big deal. She was in the middle of her midterms when I asked her to do this. Luckily, she saw my vision and happily agreed to participate. Aniska Tonge is a 26 year old, US Virgin Islander, (born in Houston, Texas) currently living in Atlanta GA. Aniska has... Continue Reading →


Whenever I hear the name "Krysten Copeland", I automatically think of words like 'Powerhouse', 'Driven', & just straight up 'girl BOSS'. Krysten is a 28 yr old, black woman who lives in the heart of Washington, DC. She moved to DC in order to build a career in Public Relations after graduating from Oakwood University... Continue Reading →


Born & raised on the island of beautiful island of St.Croix, USVI, Cleo Ravariere is a proud Virgin Islander. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, she is an Operations Support Specialist at Homeland Security-U.S.Citizenship & Immigration. She holds three degrees thus far; a B.A. in Communication, a M.S. in Communication Management, & an MBA in Project... Continue Reading →


Okay dolls, this post is gonna be short & sweet. I am sooooooo excited that I am finally able to launch this project that I've been sitting on for months. I have been toying with this idea for so long, trying to figure out if it was something I could pull off. I was asking... Continue Reading →

Fresh Fade

I hadn’t worn my real hair out in weeks & I was sick of going between wigs & turbans. On Thursday night, my bf helped me take out a crochet style I had just put in earlier that week. Friday, I took a scissors to my hair & started cutting. & before you assume, no... Continue Reading →

Realistic Optimist

At first, I was bitter af. Because, if you hear it from me, nothing good happened in 2017. But in reality, I kinda sound as ungrateful as that guy who got married & said his summer was a D+. Despite all the foolishness that this year had to offer, 2017 was not a total bust.... Continue Reading →

God is funny.

For as long as I can remember I've always seen myself doing hair, but growing up how I grew up, cosmetology wasn't "practical" (& if you have caribbean sda parents then you probably get it). Honestly I just didn't see my parents supporting the idea of getting a cosmetology license as opposed to getting a... Continue Reading →

So…What Now?

There's a saying that goes, "death always comes in 3's" or so the old people them does say. As a matter of fact, I heard this idiom like 2 weeks ago & apparently the old people might actually be on to something. Never in a million years did I expect to receive the news that I... Continue Reading →

The Wait

So its been like, I dont know...(3 months, 1 week & 2 days) since graduation & guess who’s still unemployed? Well I don’t think that was too hard to figure out, but yes. It me. Anyways, you guys know how much I talk about my self love journey & I personally enjoy documenting the lessons... Continue Reading →

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